Composites & Injection Moulding

Design and manufacture of Injection Mould Tools for large or small parts, single or multi cavity formats, for parts manufactured in commodity polymers to high tech engineering polymers. We have the capability to manufacture Plastic Injection Tools up to 10 Tons with a machining capability up to 3.2m X 2.1m X 0.9m.

ICS along with its sister company Casting Support Systems ltd has injection moulding machines ranging from 19 tons lock up to 820 tons lock with shot weights up to 3.6kg, this means we can manufacture parts to fit almost any requirement and help our customers with their most demanding projects.

Casting support systems processes close to 1000 tons of polymer each year in our injection moulding facility, much of this polymer is used in the production of our own range of returnable transit cases or Tote boxes under the Versatote brand.


ICS has vast experience in the design and manufacture of metallic tooling for the high volume production of composite components and exports over $1 million worth this type of tooling annually, as with our injection mould tools we are able to manufacture very large tools for this industry sector and for many different processes including:

  • Metallic tooling (Aluminium, P20 steel, etc)
  • Compression moulding – pre-preg, smc, bmc
  • Resin transfer moulding
  • Out of autoclave processes – bladder moulding, expanding cores
  • Pre-preg autoclave – single sided and matched metal.
  • Injection overmoulding
  • Bonding fixtures
  • Inspection fixtures
  • Drilling/machining fixtures

ICS is also pioneering the adoption of proven technology from other segments such as injection mould tools and wax pattern dies into the tooling for composites making them more accurate, easier to use, longer lasting and more efficient in use.