Investment Casting

The CSS group of which ICS is a part of has been involved in the investment casting industry since its inception 35 years ago producing both tooling and plastic components from day one. Today ICS uses state of the art CAD/CAM systems, high speed vertical machining centres and all electric moulding machines with 6 axis robots amongst other machines to make the most demanding and precise tooling and plastic components.

ICS design and manufacture Wax pattern dies, chill dies, ceramic core dies, jigs and fixtures for this most demanding of industry sectors and is one of very few companies that can produce very large dies for the land based gas turbine sector.

ICS also manufactures its own range of plastic components such as single crystal starter helix, chaplets and pop tops as well as customer designed plastic components, these components help our customers manufacturing process with assured quality and very short lead times.

Download Chaplet Size Chart